Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stuffy Love -- Punk Rock Dino

So the winner of my Golden Collars Giveaway finally received her prize. It took forever because I made it to order and then had to mail it halfway across the world. Still, she seemed thrilled with the result, so I suppose it was worth the wait.

Selina chose a brown t-shirt and her fave band is Green Day so I customized the shirt.

Here he is:

He's pretty cute if you ask me! I make these to order in my Etsy shop or you can totally steal my idea and make your own.

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mobile Post First Try

I'm a little drunk already. It's Saturday night, I just got the all clear on my tests and it was my friends art opening. But I am also trying out the Blogger app on my new iPhone.

So, I have a few photos from tonight, I am going to attempt to post them via mobile. They are all photos from Wills opening.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The arm bone's connected to the...

I started my Anatomy course on Monday. I had another lecture today. And now I am officially overwhelmed, snowed under, buried in bones. Whatever you want to call it, the result is the same... namely, me in a state of panic. Add to that the fact that I still haven't got my results back from my four month checkup and you have a VERY anxious girl. Anxious and exhausted. It's a stellar combination.

What do anxious and exhausted people post to their blogs? Things that cheer them up of course!

Things that cheer me up?

Baby Sloths in Pajamas 

Obviously my amazing friends all know this cheers me up as I have been sent the video at least 20 times this week. Thank you to all of you!

All-Plaid Living Spaces

via Plastic Pink Flamingo
 Yes it looks like some sort of Scottish volcano exploded in this room, but I appreciate a decorator with conviction. After the initial nausea I felt looking at this room, it made me smile.

 Dusting, Cooking with, Stacking, and Gawking at Pyrex

via Flickr
  Seriously, when I've had a particularly vile day I like to come home and make something in a fabulous Pyrex dish. There's a ritual to it because the dish has to be removed from display, cleansed of dust (the top of our kitchen cupboards are a haven for mites and motes), cooked in, and carefully cleaned and stacked at the end. If I had some of the beautiful fridgies like those that I gawk at above, I could store my leftovers in Pyrex too. Alas, for now I am stuck with tupperware.

Greedy Possums

source unknown
There are plenty of greedy possums in our backyard. They make hilariously disgruntled grunts whenever another possum or a bat gets in the way of their food. But this possum makes me want to drive to Costco, buy a box of danishes and sit it on the back table to see if I can catch a fat bastard of my own. I like that he is covered in jam and that he is too fat to escape the hole which he came in through.

Miraculously I am pretty cheered up now! I hope you guys are too.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Op Shop Awesomeness!

I didn't post my thrift shop finds last week because, to be perfectly honest, I was too hungover from the cave party to even think about taking photos and uploading them. So this is a double haul of stuff, the result of two heavy weeks of thrifting (my last real free weeks, there won't be nearly so much in the near future).

I was out looking for clothes mostly, trying to collect a back to school wardrobe. I was largely at a loss in the sartorial department, but wildly successful with the kitsch.

I got this beautiful tea tray:

I added to my dog-canter collection (now I have 2!):

He not only holds booze, he's also a music box!
I found this awesome Kalmar vase, which needs a really good clean when I have a spare moment:

I also found these really cute California Pottery Plates:

Of course, it wouldn't be much of a thrifting trip without picking up some tchotchkes:

I sold the eggcup on eBay already, but the doll remains my own.
Finally there was the Pyrex. I thought I was doing pretty well when I found this for $6.00:

The perfect size for macaroni and cheese.
 Then, on my last thrift shop visit of the week I found my first ever piece of Friendship!

Welcome to my home!
Gorgeous pair.
I hope your shopping this week was as fruitful as mine!

Little Golden Books : The Bunny Book

This is one of my favourite Little Golden Books. I love bunnies, I love Richard Scarry, therefore I love this book. How's that for a syllogism?

I just sold this one on eBay last week, but I kept a selfish record of it for myself... and for you! Enjoy it.

The text is by Patsy Scarry and the illustrations by her husband Richard. You can read more about them here. Does anyone know if they pronounced their names "Scary"?

I hope you enjoy your weekend reading!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Rainy Days and the Fear of Mondays

So I started school yesterday. Just orientation, but enough to strike fear in my heart. I am especially worried about the fate of my dear little blog in the face of the endless mountains of reading I'm going to have to do. I'm going to do my best to keep it up though.

Today I spent most of this horrifically weathered day sitting on the couch, reading through my class syllabuses and feeling a little dumber than I did a couple of days ago.

I did make time to have lunch with one of my favourite people:

I had the BLT, he had a package of chicken and apricot mush. His parents came too, which was tres excellent.

Afterwards we came home and I spent some more time stressed out on the couch. Then I made some awesome spaghetti and Ollie and I gorged ourselves until we looked like this:

I think the one on the left looks particularly like Ollie, he's pretty awesome.

So that was my day in a nutshell. This is why I'm worried about the future of the blog, I can only write so many posts about doing required reading.

I hope you all had a more interesting day than me!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Back to School!

I haven't posted today because I've been busy packing my lunchbox to go back to school tomorrow.

I actually have one of these! This isn't my picture though, I'm too lazy to go downstairs, haul it out and photograph it.via
Actually lunch is provided tomorrow as part of orientation for Graduate Entry Masters students, or as I like to call myself (and others yet to be met) GEMS!

I'm super excited and anxious.

Mostly I'm anxious because today I had my first post-surgical screening appointment. Everything looked good but as usual it is the pathology that tells no lies. So I'll be anxious until I get the results back.

In brighter news, I finally got an iPhone! The other reason why I neglected my blog tonight was because I spent most of the evening bossing Siri around. Isn't it nice when you meet new friends? Or better, new minions?

Anyway, I have been told to stop typing in bed by grumpy husband.

Wish me luck tomorrow!!

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