Sunday, 15 January 2012

Canine Thespianism -- Dog Oscars!!!

Uggie from The Artist and Cosmo from Beginners via
Recently I wrote that there should be an Academy Awards for dogs. Not a category but an entire awards show. It looks like someone at the Dog News Daily (a news service devoted to Hollywood pooches -- how did I not know about this before??) was on the same wavelength. Yes! The Golden Collar awards will celebrate canines in five categories:

Best Dog in a Theatrical Film
Best Dog in a Foreign Film
Best Dog in a Direct to DVD Film
Best Dog in a Reality Series (TV)
Best Dog in a Scripted Series (TV)

Just when I'd decided I was over the Academy Awards for good (Thank you James Franco and Anne Hathaway), a suitable replacement comes along!

The nominees will be announced by Penelope Anne Miller and Uggie the dog on Wednesday and the gala will be held on February 13th in Los Angeles.

I really think they ought to do a red carpet special! Joan Rivers gets bitchy with the bitches.


  1. The dream is alive! Did you see that Uggie won best dressed at the Golden Globes? I concur.

    1. Best dressed! That's amazing. They didn't even play the Golden Globes here... at least on free tv, so I missed em.


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