Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Glasbake and Other Milk Glass

I usually try to stick to collecting Pyrex, and the occasional coloured Fire King piece, so my house doesn't become the sort of place that people get crushed by falling debris. Still, I'm a sucker for milk glass and kitschy stuff and sometimes I can't help myself.

Today I found this awesome fish dish by Glasbake, which is kind of poor man's Pyrex (I'm sure some collectors would beg to differ):

I also found this milk glass strawberry candy dish:

And this mushroom cookie jar as well:

Time to clear out more space in cupboards!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I love the mushroom jar! I collect them.

  2. Great finds! That strawberry dish is to die for.

  3. Nice finds!! I saw that exact same mushroom jar at an op shop a few weeks back, it had a large crack that had been glued back together though so I gave it a miss. Great finds!

  4. I adore milk glass. I just blogged about my finds too. Love yours.


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