Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Old Family Greetings

 Great Aunt Doreen, no idea, no idea, Great Grandpa Fred, Great Grandma Marie
My great aunt used to be a bit of a hoarder. OK, a lot of a hoarder. I come by my fear of being crushed under a pile of my own crap honestly.

Anyway, about 8 years ago it became enough of a hazard that the family had to get her house cleaned out. Where is A&E when you need them? I didn't really do much. I came in at the end, after the newspapers and piles of bills from 1962, to help clean out the remainder of the stuff. And of course there were treasures to find. Many of these got ferreted out of the house by yours truly, squirreled away and shipped across the ocean, only to be rediscovered in this year's spring clean.

One thing I recently re-found was my great grandmother's collection of greeting cards. An amazing trove of fifties and sixties paper product. I totally forgot I had them. They are precious enough that I certainly don't want to lose them, so I     took an afternoon of This American Life reruns to scan them into my computer. I've got enough for many posts, but here are a few to start off.

This one is from my great grandma's friend:

This is a pop up card, when you open and close it they kick their legs!

From my grandma and grandpa to my great grandparents:

The birds are fuzzy.

From my great aunt to my great grandmother:

Yes, that's glitter.
My great aunt always signed her name "Girlie"
From my great grandparents' friends to them on their anniversary:

Those ears are fuzzy pipe cleaners.
From my mom and her sisters to my great grandparents:

My mom is Lynn.

And finally from my great grandfather to my great grandmother:

"Still your sweetheart" so cute
And the envelope...
Love love love.

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