Friday, 27 January 2012

On the Farm

Ollie and I are spending the long weekend tending to our friends' mom's farm (Heidi's owner for those of you who have been here before). I've been trying my hand at farm life -- feeding the cow without getting head-butted, snuggling with Jack the farm dog, collecting the chicken eggs.

So far it's the chickens I have found the most fascinating. First of all, I had no idea that they all lay their eggs in the same spot. In the morning there was one egg but by the time I came back in the afternoon to pooper scoop the shed there were four eggs, all in the same place! Second, they put themselves to bed. When it gets around dusk you have to go and shut the coop, but all of the chickens are already asleep in their designated positions. And they have true positions... the white one has to sleep on a shelf in the entrance way because the others won't let her on the roost. Maybe she snores.

Can you tell I grew up in the city?

A few snaps (more tomorrow):

Happy Chicken Keeping!

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