Sunday, 15 January 2012

Slo-Mo Sunday

It's been one of those days. Wake up and it's pouring rain. Stay in bed extra long, basically until the need to pee takes over completely. Drink three cups of coffee. Slowly. Watch the news. Read some blogs. Realize it's already past noon.

It didn't get too much faster after that either. My husband and I walked into the city to see the new Muppet movie, which FINALLY opened in Australia. But we made the fatal error of not booking tickets beforehand and it was sold out when we got there. Ditto for The Descendants. There was no way I was paying $17.00 to see Chipwrecked, so instead we bought some things for dinner, and wandered home.

I've been a little worried about my productivity lately. I'm finally feeling better after my surgery, but I'm still not working and so I have a hell of a lot of time on my hands. It's strange how time becomes so much less precious when you have a lot of it. I seem to get less done around the house now than I did when I was working full time. And yet I'm here all the time. So days like today can make me feel pretty bad about myself. Since my main focus right now is staying positive so I can heal, it was obviously time to do a few things about it.

I was reading something the other day about cleaning with a time limit. In essence, you set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes and speed clean until it beeps. Then you are finished for the day. You just do it every single day. I decided to try it this afternoon and I got tons accomplished. There was a game to it and I like anything that has a game to it, especially when the reward isn't points but a clean bathroom.

I also got my craft swap partner from the Oh Strumpets Valentines craft swap which I'm hoping will get me back into crocheting. I'm excited!

I'm cooking a giant roast dinner for two as I write and I've found a gentle yoga class to go to tomorrow as it's been almost three months since surgery and I think my body will be up to it.

What do you do to help you get out of a slump?


  1. Hi Nicole!
    I am your Valentine Swap partner (I emailed you too). I like what you have going on here. What a life you have! Sounds like you have been on quite the journey that last few months. We will get you out of this slump with crafty fun for sure!

    1. Aw thanks Steph! Can't wait for the swap!!


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