Monday, 20 February 2012

Madagascar Memories

I while back I posted some images from my African Honeymoon (circa 2006) with the intention of posting more, soon. Of course I managed this with my usual pace, so a month or so later, here is a second set. These ones all come from Madagascar where we spent the tail end of our vacation. Apologies if you aren't in the mood for a vacation slide show!

I think these cacti look like little campfires.
This bird looks like he's attempting not to be seen.
I can't help but wondering what that shack is for.

And who this guy is waiting for...

Ringtail lemurs are pretty common, but hard to catch in focus.

Red lemurs are bloody adorable.

Brown lemurs are super stoked on campsite refuse. Look at that baby!
A close up of the baby.
Sifakas Rock!!!
Madagascar was by far the weirdest and most wonderful place I've ever been. Unfortunately, at the time, I was not too into photography so my pictures are limited (I have WAY more than this, but still). I suppose that means I'll have to go back?

Happy Travels!

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